My Work

A dabbler in epic fantasy and science fiction (and soon to get into thriller/space opera and urban fantasy) and in my ‘spare time’ I write children’s books, and draw.

From an early age, I became an avid roleplayer – D&D, MERP, Pathfinder… Cyberpunk… and still try to get a game in now and then.

Royal Australian Navy Veteran of 18 years service – now getting into some serious writing in my retirement.

Join My Journey

A new Urban Fantasy series in in the making.

‘Death Wave Chronicles’

RELIC, DRUID  & SPHINX are out now in ebook and paperback.

‘Seven Portals Series’

is my debut epic fantasy series:

City of Bridges, Shadow of the Tower, and  Ripples in Time – out now in ebook & paperback.

City of Bridges  now also available in audio!

Shadow of the Tower  will be out in audio later this year!

If you prefer, (though I get less royalties) all my works are available on Amazon. Please check out my Author Central page and Follow.

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