City of Bridges – a review by Bob Laerhoven

Some novels are a profound joy to read but hellish to review. “City of Bridges” by the Australian author Andre Jones is one of them. His fantasy novel is so meaty, so superbly rich in atmosphere, filled to the brim with all kinds of exotic creatures – note: not the run-of-the-mill kind – battling each other for several reasons on the distant world of Yarvik, that the reader – this reader – is mesmerized and enchanted. And then I haven’t even mentioned the action-packed story, the sneaky intrigues, the dirty, rotten, foul play of evil-to-the-bone beings, and much more. Oh, and I absolutely loved the wyverns!  If you like high proof of soaring imagination, “City of Bridges” will be your feast. Epic Fantasy series

Relic – a review by Lou Kemp

The first thing I noticed about Relic was the smooth set up of the scenes. The pacing was great, nearly mathematical in the precise way things hit the exact moment of full impact. The plot moved like a well-oiled, futuristic car.
The dialog, using the same analogy, was fine-tuned. It purred, and was never obtrusive. Some of it really brought the story to life. The main character, became even stronger when her role was downplayed:
“‘Can’t I just be a kid?” Rhyll grumbled.'” Throughout the book, she is anything but just a kid. It became highly appropriate for her to “pick up the pain of others” as part of her powers. When the healing of the characters began, her premonitions were used as a fantastic bridge in connecting the moving parts of the plot.

The only downside? It would have been great to see a few chapters/scenes in Dan’s pov.

The scene that brought Rhyll to the location to replace the disc into the crystal bed was the best example of suspension of disbelief I’ve seen in a while. It was beautiful.
A great read.